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Just tap to drop a pin.

Through your iPhone's camera you spot the location where you want to set a pin. Three gauges help you to ensure that the horizontal and vertical GPS as well as the compass are accurate, and thus your pin will be set accurately. Drop the pin by a simple tap on the screen at the location of your choice.

Get the pin on a map!

The information you have provided is enough to determine the location of your pin on a map. A map with the Superpin that you dropped by tapping on the screen is presented. Before finalizing the location you have the chance to determine the location of the pin more precisely by dragging the pin to a nearby location. Additionally, the elevation profile from your location to the Superpin is drawn and the distance as well as height difference from you to the Superpin is calculated. The height can also be reported with respect to sea level. A menu gives the opportunity to show Google Street View at the Superpin's location as well as to show the route from you to the Superpin's location via Maps.

All Superpins are stored for ease of later access.

All your Superpins are conveniently stored for you in a colourful, interactive list, together with all relevant information for ease of access later on.

Watch Superpin in action!

This video shows you the basic usage of Superpin. Drop a pin from the peak of Mount Tallac in California down onto South Lake Tahoe by simply tapping the screen.

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Here are a couple of screenshots of Superpin from an iPhone 6.


  • This app is really impressive! Superpin is the first app that lets you drop pins on distant locations through your iPhone's camera. It's a useful app for hiking lovers, travelers try this app now!!


Frequently Asked Questions

• Does Superpin also work in my country?

Yes, Superpin works everywhere on Earth! All you need is an Internet connection. Moreover, Superpin is available in English, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

• Do I need WiFi?

No, a mobile Internet connection is completely sufficient. Only a few kilobytes have to be transferred to set a Superpin.

• Can Superpin be installed on iPad?

Superpin is optimized for iPhone 4 and higher but it will run just fine on iPad with GPS.

• Can I drop pins on buildings that I see?

Not directly, Superpin doesn't see buildings. Instead, you can drop a pin on the ground where the building stands which will give you the position of the building on the map.

• When setting pins from inside a building, do I need to open the window?

No, that's not necessary. But be aware that the GPS signal might not be optimal inside buildings and adjust your height above ground elevation accordingly when being asked for it.

• Is Superpin tracking my data?

We never track any user related data like GPS coordinates. If you allow us, we will track some general usage statistics to improve Superpin.

• When I open Street View it shows only a blank screen, what's wrong?

Unfortunately, Street View is not everywhere available. Please check Google Street View availability for details.

• I received an error message OVER_QUERY_LIMIT, what's that and what can I do?

Superpin makes use of Google's Elevation API to set pins. Therefore you cannot set more than 250 pins per 24 hour period. In rare cases it might happen that you receive the error even if you're far below that usage limit. If so, turn flight mode on and off again to receive an new IP address.

• Why does Superpin seem to hang sometimes when it is determining the height?

At this stage, Superpin is connecting to the Internet to download the elevation data. When you're currently having a slow data connection (Edge or less) it might take a little longer to receive the data even it's only a few kilobytes.